Ripper List

ripper list

Lot’s of scammers in Telegram Insta and Other social Media so you should come forward to stop this scammers by reporting them here so Others member’s know about Them and Don’t make any deal or lose money If You Ever scammed by someone fell free to Contact Us


ripper list

  1. There is one Scammer who Message people in there personal chat and asking them for email and password for suspended google AdSense account .


Name:Rohit Chauhan

Telegram usernames:-@Harshkumar

Phone no:- +917082364590

Alternative mobile no: +917082364590

He take gmail account of one person asking him he will lift suspended google AdSense account My friend give him his email and Password after that this Scammers Change password and Mobile Number
This gmail is connected with his YouTube channel with 7k subscribers He delete all his YouTube video and change his channel name

Stay away from this type of people’s

Don’t give anyone your gmail account someone say This words.


Guys Don’t get Confused that this channel has high number of users he is ripping you just see this post

carding ripper list



Hay Guys Another Ripper He rip You By Teaching Carding u Pay him and Then He block you Here his Number



Biggest ripper : indian pro CarderĀ